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We are experts in strategic communication and help you to present your brand in the best possible way. Our creative PR activities are aimed at creating media-friendly content and reaching your target group in the long term. With our know-how, we effectively get your message to the right recipients.



We bring your message to the point and ensure that it reaches your target group. Through our targeted production and distribution of relevant content, we transport the core messages of your company, your products and/or services to your target group. We adapt individually to your needs and offer targeted strategies for an optimal presentation of your brand.


In times of sensory overload, opinion leaders are important tools to give your brand and products the attention they need. We support you in finding the right brand ambassadors, conducting contract and fee negotiations, as well as supervising and following up on the entire campaign.


By leveraging prominent testimonials and influencers as brand ambassadors and opinion leaders, you can utilize their positive image and role model function to reach your target audience. Our team develops targeted distribution strategies and takes care of the entire implementation, from personalized outreach to reporting. We provide the advantage of allowing you to focus on your core business while we take care of all the details. 


The mix of guests is crucial for the success of an event. We provide a customized and carefully curated guest list, leveraging our extensive network of celebrities, opinion leaders, influencers and media representatives. This allows us to create an exciting variety of guests with a high media reach. In doing so, we ensure maximum attention for your brand or products.
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