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Analysis of the client’s current media presence 

Our expertise in reviewing and evaluating your existing media channels and activities ensures optimal utilization of your resources and an increase in media effectiveness and relevance. We specifically identify weaknesses and provide guidance on how to optimize them for the best possible outcome. Through our work, you can be assured that you are achieving maximum impact from your media activities and effectively showcasing your company in the market.


Development of communication strategies

With our extensive experience, we not only provide you first-class consultation but also deliver customized concepts tailored to your individual communication needs. We place special emphasis on a clear definition of goals and messages in order to ensure effective and targeted communication. Our strategies are characterized by creativity, innovation and success to position your brand. In addition to planning the right advertising channels and formats, we also continuously improve them to achieve maximum media impact.


Media planning and purchasing

Through a detailed analysis of your target audience, we specifically identify the right media channels to communicate your message effectively.


Monitoring and performance tracking 

As specialists in communication strategies, we provide comprehensive support and monitoring of your media activities. With our expertise, we carefully optimize your campaigns and closely monitor the implementation of your communication strategies. By monitoring media activities and resonance, we keep an overview and respond proactively to changes. Our transparent evaluation of key performance indicators such as reach, response and conversion rates ensure optimal results. 


Consulting and crisis communication

As experienced communications consultants, we support companies in challenging situations. We develop customized communication plans to be prepared for potential challenges. In case of an emergency, we stand by your side with professional support and assist you in establishing appropriate crisis communication.


Social Media & content consulting

Our customized social media and content marketing strategies maximize your online presence and increase your visibility and relevance. We create targeted content plans and calendars for you and implement effective content marketing measures such as blog articles, infographics and videos to position you successfully in the world of social media. Through our regular monitoring and the evaluation of your activities, we increase your visibility in a targeted manner and always keep an overview.


Consulting on digitalization topics

We provide expertise in analyzing digital business models and processes, as well as consulting on digital transformation strategies. With our assistance, you can develop personalized online marketing concepts that maximize your reach and visibility, making you successful in the digital world. With our market knowledge, you can gain a significant competitive advantage and be well-prepared for the opportunities and transformations of the digital future.

This list is not final and can be expanded as required. Depending on the scope and type of advice, individual packages and prices can also be offered.

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